Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The blog I post on:

The Return

This blog was used a year ago as a roommate blog for all of the crazy things going on in our house (Tales of Teakwood Drive)! Well we only ever used the blog once or twice and most of us that lived there are no longer there!

SO I am going to take over and use this! I have a tumblr account and LOVE it...but so many of my friends use blogster. SO I may not post much here but I wanted an easier way to see all of my friends blogs! So in the future, probably during the snow days, I will be changing it up a bit and even changing the name - the hardest part!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Prank Wars

So this winter Heather and Kayla were engaged in a prank war...who even knows how it started. The pranks kept getting better and bigger and Kayla's last prank was the best. She took pictures and even recorded Heather's first look/reaction. Kayla put magazine pages all over all four of Heather's walls one evening while Heather was gone for the weekend. If the ceilings weren't so tall she would have put them on the ceilings as well. We think it was a pretty good prank, which put Kayla in the lead. I'm still not sure if the war is officially over, but if Heather's going to get Kayla back it's gonna be big.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Everyone Makes Mistakes

So, have you ever tried to blow out birthday candles, but they will not go out? Well after a lively event at our house, we went around blowing out the candles. Everyone was in the kitchen and then we hear Grace laugh at herself. We knew this was an odd sign because Grace never laughs. She comes in to tell us what she just experienced and this is her story:

"I was just trying to be a helpful hostess and blow out all of the candles and they would not go out! And then I realized they were electric!"

Well I would just like to say that they are not electric. They are battery operated. But none-the-less, she tried blow out a fake candle.